Peracto Search has been working in the Financial Technology market for over a decade and we thrive off the ability to complement all the hiring needs of our clients in this market.


Financial Technology, or FinTech as it has become known, has been developing itself every year as the environment has changed. FinTech, which is seen as the catalyst for disruption within the financial market, has taken the world by storm, it has very quickly become one of the most talked about markets in the world and the predictions for the future are very bright.

Financial Technology (FinTech) covers everything from Banking, Payments and Currency Exchange to Digital Currencies and Peer-to-Peer Lending, and Peracto Search has the experience of being a leading recruiter in this market and believe that we are brilliantly positioned to continue offering our exceptional services to the market.

We work with some of the largest Financial Technology companies in the world side by side with some of the more agile (FinTech) Start-ups that are currently adding some exciting new technologies to the market.

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